Nails or Fingertips for Guitarists?

Many professional classical guitarists like to keep their left hand fingernails short and their right hand nails long. A greater volume can be achieved by playing with the nails and you may have noticed that some banjo players use fingerpicks on all their right-hand fingers to get the same effect. It’s not always practical to keep […]

Semi-Acoustic and Electro-Acoustic Guitar – What’s the Difference?

I used to think that a semi-acoustic guitar and an electro-acoustic guitar were one and the same thing. After all, they both have a combination of acoustic and electric properties – it’s an easy misconception to make. Semi-acoustic guitar A semi-acoustic is basically just an electric guitar with a hollow or semi-hollow body. The pick- ups are […]

Over The Rainbow – Eva Cassidy

When Eva Cassidy’s version of Over The Rainbow was released it received huge acclaim. It was made even more poignant by the fact that Eva had died at the age of 32 and her music was only widely recognised after her death. Although Eva performed covers of existing songs she brought them to life again with fresh guitar arrangements and […]