Desperado – The Eagles

Tribute To Jo

When I was a student we played Desperado by The Eagles almost non-stop.

This version is in memory of my bestie at Uni – Jo Trott – who passed away a few years ago. She introduced me to the music of The Eagles and Desperado was my favourite track.

I don’t think I’ve listened to the original in many years so if it doesn’t follow the tune completely then apologies!

Sadly, this video of Desperado has been blocked in the USA . The copyright owners are quite within their rights to do this. But it does seem a shame when genuine fans cannot do a simple acoustic not-for-profit cover for YouTube.

The Eagles are extremely protective about their music being covered under any circumstances. David Letterman had a discussion about this on his show which is quite amusing. As it says in the article ” When you make listening to your music a chore, don’t be surprised when some people decide it’s just not worth it “.

Another interesting fact – The Eagles actually sued a hotel for calling itself Hotel California. I would have thought that the publicity can only help increase sales of the song but hey-ho!

But if you’d like to see any of my other videos please check out “Walking In The Air”, or “Feelings”

Deb playing Desperado

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