Resources for Guitarists

There are a number of useful resources on this site, but some very cool ones available on other sites as well.

Guitar Chord Finder

Guitar Chord Finder widget
Chord Generator in Sidebar

There’s a great little chord generator you’ll find in the side bar on this site. Just type in the key of the chord, and then select the type (e.g. augmented, minor, add9).

Then choose where on the fretboard you’d like to play the chord – it’s a great way to find interesting inversions of any chord. The Guitar Lesson website developed this handy little app.

Chord finder One- another handy resource for guitarists
Mike Gieson’s Interactive Chord Finder

And just so you’re spoilt for choice there’s an alternative chord finder at

Chord Finder Two - a handy resource for guitarists

Sometimes, when you’ve been noodling on your guitar, you come across an awesome chord but don’t know what it is. This handy reverse chord generator will help you to identify it and give it a name (developed by Chicken Wing Software).

Reverse Chord Generator resource

Guitar Tuner

Tune up your guitar to standard tuning  E-A-D-G-B-E, or try an alternate tuning. There are 50 to choose from with the interactive guitar tuner from Mike Gieson.

The Guitar Tuner can be found here. Don’t forget to have your speakers turned on.



Keep in time using this handy metronome which ticks. You’ll need your speakers on for this too.

It’s nice and simple and shouldn’t distract you when playing. There’s no accented first beat though, so you may prefer a different metronome.

Metronome for guitarists

Mike Gieson has come up trumps with a metronome that has a variety of sounds and can accent the first beat if you want. It can be a bit glitchy if you try and change the beat while it’s in play mode.

I found that I needed to de-select all the sounds to stop the metronome as the start/stop button didn’t always kill the sound. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool so check it out the metronome .

Online drum metronome

Learn How To Read Guitar TAB and Music

Learn how to read TAB and how to read music from a guitarist’s perspective.

Jargon Buster

A fairly comprehensive jargon buster, or glossary,  of the terms used by guitarists and their meanings. This covers parts of the guitar, techniques, and musical terms.

Parts of The Guitar

All the terminology related to an acoustic or classical guitar can be found Parts of the Guitar page